All Dressed up – for Love Donna Flora

Sometimes you get all dressed up, with nowhere to go. I’m just coming back from a walk around the lake, with the owls hooting and the waves lapping up against my houseboat. It’s early, but I’m heading in for a cup of tea and an early night. But before I go, let me tell you about this dress. It’s made by Carrie Snowpaws – isn’t it beautiful? But it’s real beauty is that it will help a much-loved Second Life designer who is battling cancer.

I bought it at the Love Donna Flora event sim to benefit Squinternet Larnia whose cancer has regathered after several remissions. She is hoping to travel to a treatment center in Northern Italy. I love that we can help and touch people with small gestures like buying a dress or writing a blog post. Vist the benefit sim if you have a few extra minutes and lindens. You’ll find so many lovely things there; you might wear some of them home, and others you’ll take home in your heart. The event continues til August 11.



Sirina Lace & Feather Gown, from Snowpaws at the Love Donna Flora event sim.

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