Among the Red and Gold, the autumn leaves

This poem was born one autumn day when I looked at a tree’s colorful leaves dancing in the wind and thought how much they looked like butterflies.

It was written from an unlikely assortment of “challenge words” which the writers of the Bardic Circle in the virtual world of Second Life choose at the end of our weekly gatherings:   Sweet; Princess; Butterfly, Lightning; Spigot.

by Bay Sweetwater

A butterfly of red and gold,
Spent sweet summer days,
Riding slippery sunbeams,
In dappled woodland haze.

Then came autumn rains,
And jealous lightning bold,
Stole with silver sword,
Her coat of red and gold.

The autumn princess found her
By the spigot, brown and cold.
She took her for an autumn leaf
And dressed her red and gold.

Around the autumn campfires,
The story’s often told,
Of a butterfly among the leaves,
Among the red and gold.

That magic butterfly will grant
Your dreams a hundredfold,
If only you can find her,
Among the red and gold.

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