Spirits is a relaxing online game

Here’s something new: an online game that will help you relax, even fall asleep at night. Its images are as beautiful as candlelight, with delicate music playing in the background. Just what I need by this time at night when I’m looking for things to calm me down to sleep – tea, a book, or . . .  an online game? Well, an online game wouldn’t normally be my choice for relaxation. But Spirits is different.

I play very few games and am very picky. They must be beautiful, calming, and simple. I thought I’d tell you about my very favorite one: Spirits. It is made by a company called Spaces of Play in Berlin and costs $9.99 on Steam. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Watch the trailer and get an idea of what it’s about. to play it on your computer, have to buy it on Steam and play it on Steam. This bothered me at first, but I’ve got used to Steam by now.

Spirits is as beautiful as poetry. The images, music, and gaming are easy and stunningly soft. Spirits describes itself as a relaxing action-puzzle game with a dynamic wind and world environment. Autumn is quickly approaching, and the spirits of fallen leaves are setting out on their journey home. Guide them by changing how the wind blows or by rebuilding the ground.

It takes a little while to figure out the game, but it’s sort of like trying to figure out a dream. It doesn’t really matter much what you make of it when it’s so lovely and heartening. Eventually the game sort of falls into place, and you can play it over and over again, improving your game each time – or not. The score doesn’t seem to be the point.

It’ll help you sleep It’ll calm you down. Calling it meditation is probably not too far off the mark. It’ll make you glad someone risked making an online game that’s so unlike an online game.

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