Farley Crabgrass – Pile On! (a digital memorial)

My tremendous friend Farley Crabgrass is gone. He passed away IRL just before Christmas on December 23, 2012. I am still taking it in – that he is really gone. It has been confirmed by official group notices from the Elf Circle group, where he served on the High Council, and by the Farhaven group, where he co-owned the cluster of the “Haven” sims associated with Elf Circle, including Farhaven where I live.

I’m writing this post to remember him, and to encourage all who knew him to leave stories and tributes in the comments so that we have a central digital memorial here. As Farley used to say around the seal racetrack – when the race was over and we all hopped on a single sled for a just-for-fun ride around the course: “Pile On!” Continue Reading “Farley Crabgrass – Pile On! (a digital memorial)”

Blushing modestly

Well, gosh! I’m the runner-up in the 2010 Seal Racing Championship *Invitational* Race in the Southaven sim. The amazing Randy Thor came in first and is now the reigning champion. Congratulations, Randy.

But no one should imagine I was any better than the other skilled and fearless racers:  Geraldine Ashdene (dear Geri, you were determined to participate and give your time, even though First Life had a hold on you that weekend), Balpien Hammerer (you were so-o-o-o gallant to come to officiate the last round and take pictures and post notices), Willow Graysmark (what will we do without trout-smacking races on Sunday nights???), Blynn Heron (hilarious bunny thrower and relentless custodian of the track), and of course our beloved Farley Crabgrass (he built the course, organized the races, kept us in good humor, drove us all around on some of the best pile-on times of ours lives, what more can we say????)

This ends the seal racing season til the fall. These races, like many group events in Second Life, are precious opportunities for the comradery and humor that spice our lives so deliciously. I’ve been on the track – conservatively speaking – hundreds of times. And I have an equal number of fond memories of  laughter, fun, and even a few deep conversations in the twilight when the track was too icy (read that as “laggy”) for racing. Thank you so much, so fondly, all my dear friends. Guess we’ll have to dream up something new to do this summer. (Though in Elf Circle and Farhaven, there is *always* something to do.)

The race was a charity event, and Randy and I were honored to have $3,000 lindens donated in our names to Relay for Life.

(Photos below by kind courtesy of Balpien Hammerer)

Randy and I celebrate our Seal Racing Championship win

The guys contemplate losing.