How to show just your youtube vid in Shared Media

I’ve been playing around with the new shared media function in Viewer 2 that lets you display any web content in real time on a prim inworld. And, if you set permissions for others to use it, avies can also interact with the media on the prim, just as if they were on the web. In fact, they are on the web.  I’ve had a lot of fun throwing a cube on the ground, stretching it into a TV shape, and showing my youtube videos on the parcel I rent. It used to be that only one video could be shown on a sim, and it had to be set by the estate manager. Now renters can show their own vids.

One problem:  when the video plays, everything on the web page plays as well. But all I wanted to show was the video. The easy way to do this is to insert _popup after the word watch.

So, for example, if you wanted to play my  Farhaven Day video in your shared media cube, you would copy the URL for the vid:

And then, after you paste it into the URL window in the shared media texture,  insert _popup after the word watch, like this:

Then, just the video, and not the rest of the youtube webpage, will show up on your shared media cube.

Torley has posted a video on youtube showing how to do this, called Showing Youtube Video on a Full Prim Face.