Google Has Decided Its Latest Product Is YOU! (And How to Opt Out)

Did you know Google is about to sell your name and picture to advertisers targeting your friends? Yup. It’s all in Google’s new TOS.

The change in Google’s Terms of Service announced two days ago are right up there with Linden Lab’s recent TOS change allowing it to grab the rights to use and sell all the content you create in Second Life. Google’s new TOS take effect November 11.

Opt Out Here

If all of this sounds a bit like organized prostitution, go here now and opt out. [Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the opt-out toggle box.] We’ve  got a month to complain before it takes effect, but our track record on changing Google’s mind is not impressive. Continue Reading “Google Has Decided Its Latest Product Is YOU! (And How to Opt Out)”

Nymwars 2.0: New Cost of Anonymity Is Irrelevance

Avatars worried about getting kicked out of Facebook and Google+ for anonymity now have a bigger concern: irrelevance.

That’s what Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt says. The Avatar Roundup that has haunted avatars since the 2011 Nymwars might be superceded in Google-land. Now Schmidt has the bright idea that it’s a lot easier just to make the anonymous irrelevant.

It’s has to do with a controversial projected Google practice called “Author Rank” – placing posts by verified authors at the top of search results. People argue about whether Google is currently doing it or not, but hardly anyone doubts that they will.

“Within search results, information tied to verified online profiles will be ranked higher than content without such verification, which will result in most users naturally clicking on the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaining anonymous, then, might be irrelevance.”

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Drive a virtual giant Spider Computer on Halloween!

People send me all kinds of freebies to try out for my blog , but the latest one takes the cake: a giant driveable Spider Computer – and just in time for Halloween!


 The sad thing is I have no idea where it came from, thus who to thank! It is called simply “Big Spider” and it turned up in my inventory this morning. I must have accepted it, but I don’t remember doing so. It was made by an avie called DJDino Oh, whose profile sadly says he has closed his SL account as well as his shop.

This thing is fantastic. It has all kinds of controls, which I’m just figuring out. The computer actually works! It gives me lag readings, elevation calculation, avatar radar, and more!

Just in time for Halloween! Lookout, Spider on the run!

Inside the control room:


How About a Flying Warlock Drone for Halloween?

How would you like to fly a warlock drone through the skies on Halloween? Of course you would.

Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions has one for you. He promises cutouts, but right now the site is so popular you can’t get through.

While you’re waiting, maybe you want to watch his drone of Jimmie Kimmel fly over Las Vegas.

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How to Export Videos from iPhoto

A quick tutorial on how to export videos from iPhoto:

1. Open iPhoto and click on the event in which your video appears.

2. Select/highlight the video you want to export, in the Event Browser.

3. Select File, Export

4. In the Export window that popus up, set “Kind” to Original

5. Select Export in the lower right of the Export window

6. Choose the location on your hard or external drive where you want your video to go.

7. Your video will be exported as an “avi” file.

Playing Second Life on the iPad

The #1-coolest thing about playing Second Life on my iPad using remote access technology is that the touch interface works inworld. You can move your avatar around and do most actions just by touching and swiping the iPad screen. I’ve spent the past couple weeks playing with SL iPad-style, via the remote access app Splashtop, and I have to say it’s fun.

Here’s a video I made filming Second Life on an iPad 4, accessed from my iMac, using a digital camera to capture the iPad screen. See my avatar walk, run, dance, fly, tp, sit, take snaps, change clothes, use AOs – not to mention hug and kiss! -all on an iPad 4, just by tapping and swiping the screen (and typing IMs on an external keyboard).

How It Works

Let’s be clear upfront: This is not a Second Life app running on the iPad. Second Life currently does not run directly on the iPad. This is Second Life being accessed on the iPad remotely from a computer (in my case, an iMac), using the remote access mobile app Splashtop. This is a productivity app designed to let you access anything on your computer from your mobile device – so you can be, say, out on the patio with your iPad, and access any document, photo, video, or software on your tablet, via your wireless network.

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No Shadows in Second Life on 2012 MacBooks? Here’s why

Update April 28, 2013. Woot-woot! Firestorm has enabled shadows for the Intel HD 4000 graphics chip in their latest Second Life 4.4.0 viewer release!
(but not yet on the standard Linden viewer)

My 2012 Macbook Air went a little shadow-crazy when she got the news, as you can see below. lol  Thank you, Jessica Lyon, Whirly Fizzle, Tankmaster Finesmith — all of you wonderful developers at Firestorm! I can now see shadows on my Macbook Air — and so can all the other retina 2012 Macbooks with that chip. I named my little Macbook Air “Shadow” when I first got her 8 months ago, and now she can finally see her namesake! Continue Reading “No Shadows in Second Life on 2012 MacBooks? Here’s why”

Playing online games with copyright is not a good idea

Online games are not immune from copyright infringement claims. Zynga just laid off 100 and discontinued The Ville, mostly because of a copyright suit from EA.
Take warning, machinimists … copyright infringement is serious and expensive stuff.

When The Ville came out in June, everybody thought it looked shockingly like Sims Social, but Zynga went ahead anyway. Now they’re head-to-head with EA and a whole gaggle of lawyers. Continue Reading “Playing online games with copyright is not a good idea”

Google’s “Secret Servers” and the shirts off Google’s back

The funniest thing about Google's secret servers Wired Magazine’s report of some lost Google servers that mysteriously turned up in an office in Shelby, Iowa (pop. 641) is the nickname Wired gave the report : “Secret Servers” rofl

The second-funniest thing is that the guys who found the servers returned them in exchange for Google’s offer of some “shirts the public can’t buy.” Can we safely assume thee were not the shirts off Google’s back? Continue Reading “Google’s “Secret Servers” and the shirts off Google’s back”

Monetize a Youtube video? Careful …

You know those horrible pop-up ads that seem suddenly to be on every single video you click to watch? These are the result of Youtube video monetization. A Youtube user somewhere has agreed to let Youtube run an ad on his video in return for a little money.  These ads are suddenly everywhere because in April of this year, Google dumbed down its partner program to include almost any Youtube user who is willing to monetize his or her video. To become a Youtube partner now, all you have to do is monetize one video and abide by the Youtube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. The Gold Rush is on. Continue Reading “Monetize a Youtube video? Careful …”