Come take a train ride through the falling leaves!

Come ride the Autumn Express through my land in the Farhaven sim of Second Life. You’ll find a bright autumn landscape full of red and gold trees, piles of leaves, woodland paths, and wildlife. And now a train runs through it! DJDino Oh gave away this train set away as a freebie at the Dreams sim, and I built a track through my autumn woods. You can hop off at any time and “Be the Falling Leaves” in a giant leaf globe (donated by Attica Bekkers at Dreams – it’s tremendous!), or scuffle through leaves on the winding paths, sit in the hot tub, or relax in the Elf Tree in fields of gold. And if you’re adventurous, take a ride on a floating leaf off the top of cliff. Please come. I love visitors. You can teleport directly by clicking here.

P.S. Machinima coming soon!

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