Conversation with an Autumn Leaf

A fallen leaf has a lot to say, if you catch it at the right moment. This moment was a rainy autumn day, when the linden trees still shimmered gold, and I watched one leaf come tumbling down. I wondered what it would be like to be a leaf and fall away from everything you’ve ever known.

by Bay Sweetwater

O leaf all curled and brown,
Lying silent on the ground,
Within the misty halo of the streetlight all alone.

Tell me, I want to know,
About the moment you let go,
Falling, flying, crying down into the day unknown.

Were you happy, were you sad?
Were you glad for all you’d had?
Did you fight the wind that swept you from the cradle of your tree?

In that slice of minute,
With eternity within it,
Could you touch the golden feather of the eagle flying free?

Come up into my hand,
No one here can understand,
Come sleep upon the amber chair beneath your lovely tree.

Then in some distant spring
When life wakes you up again,
Please find my ear and whisper all the mysteries to me.

November 26, 2011

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