A Dream of Snow

Put the stillness of deep winter together with the peace of Japanese meditation and you have Jac Mornington’s new sim, A Dream of Snow (Yuki No Yume). I have hardly left here since it opened a few days ago; it is that lovely, and there is so much to see and do.

I’ve spent a good deal of time sipping tea on a meditation pillow watching the snow fall. I’ve also sat on the dock and watched the ducks float by on the lake. I’ve watched horses thundering by in the woodland hills, seals bark on the frozen seaside, cranes dancing in the icy meadow.

Best of all are the woods: deep and dark, pines and birches and rocks you can sit on all day watching the shadows play. There are also lots of amazingly well-put-together people who visit, and they are fun to watch, too.

Jac built the sim of Baja Norte, where I spent a good deal of my summer and filmed scenes for my video Castle in the Sand. I’ll probably film something at Dream of Snow, but for now I’m just wandering and loving it. Here are a few snaps I took along the way.  I also wrote a poem there, Where the Trail Stops, about what happens when something you love changes.





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