Falling Leaf

One autumn day I noticed a leaf hanging all afternoon by a thread of a bygone spider’s web, until finally the wind swept it away. I sympathized with the little leaf and wrote this poem as an ode to its bravery.

by Bay Sweetwater

By a single thread of gossamer web,
Spun when summer dreams could not conceive,
A world chill and ripped by brutal wind,
A tremulous golden leaf hangs all alone.

I’ll hold on, I’ll not fall into your world
Of greed and cruelty that drives a stake into the heart.
Your pummeling of simple living stuns me speechless.
I’ll hold on, I’ll not fall into your world.

Spider’s silk holds fast, but not forever,
Not when waves of rain crash on the afternoon
And mutter as they rip away that single thread.
A tremulous golden leaf falls in the autumn rain.

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