Birthday Songs, Deep Thoughts, and Free Cake from Linden Lab

Did you know you can get your own Second Life rezz day cake for free from Shopkeeper Linden on the marketplace? It will even have the right number of years you’re celebrating written on it in frosting!

Birthday Cake

My 5th rez day in Second Life passed me like a fast train this week making me think deep thoughts about time. I listened to David Bowie sing Five Years and was so glad the apocalypse hadn’t come in real life, or Second Life either.

I thumbed through my SL history scrapbook (a fascinating resource in the Second Life wiki) and couldn’t help wondering if there is some cranny in the universe where all time is stashed away? Or can it really happen only once, and then it’s gone? Who Knows Where the Time Goes? (sung by Eva Cassidy, song by English songwriter Sandy Denny)

I woke up this morning to Achariya’s poignant post Great, Hollow, Bell-Like Flowers in which she captures in stark simplicity the time-bending quality that keeps many of us in Second Life:

But SL has always been able to do that for me — extend my youth and health in a way that’s slightly creepy and yet very relieving. It gives my mind a way to step into a body that can fly and run and feel no pain.

And if David Bowie can come back from 10 years of obscurity to release – on his 66th birthday – a heart-piercingly glorious song like Where Are We Now? – it is certainly true that anything is possible.

<Poof!> I blow out the candle on my rezz day cake.

(Fun blowing-out-the-candles animation from Sylvia’s Animation Factory).

2008 – Philip Linden leaves Second Life

2009 – Snowglobe precursor to Viewer 2 launches

2010 – The Great Linden Layoffs begin, Philip Linden returns to SL, Viewer 2 launches

2011 – Philip leaves again, Rodvik moves in as CEO, mesh is introduced

2012 – Project Shining and Server Side Baking start in beta





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  1. Achariya's Gravatar

    Posted by Achariya on 21.09.13 at 11:59 am

    Ahhh — I love this. Happy fifth rez day, and I really liked seeing the landmarks that you remember from your time in SL so far.

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