Hope Will Find You

“Hope is the thing with feathers,” Emily Dickinson tells us, “that perches in the soul.” But what if you can’t see it, can’t see your soul even? Maybe it’s too dark, or maybe the soul is an overgrown thicket that surrounds the bird and camouflages her who, after all, looks exactly like the soul itself? I think then you have to take hope on faith, almost like a prayer. Or maybe it is a prayer: please let love through, let my beautiful soul shine out. If you can’t find hope, then you must have faith that hope will find you. I took this picture on the hillside above the house, and that little “thing with feathers” is there, and even though hard to see; yes, it sees you. Promise.

Bird in thicket








Hope Is the Thing With Feathers
By Emily Dickinson
“Hope” is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –
And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –
I’ve heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet – never – in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of me.

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  1. Patrick's Gravatar

    Posted by Patrick on 15.03.14 at 7:22 pm

    Could I add that when all seems hopeless, I’ve found that hope still exists, like you say, it’s just that my ears can’t hear it, nor my eyes see it – and so because I don’t feel it I doubt it. Likewise with Love, whenever I have felt unloved it’s never been the case that there is no longer any love, but that once again, my eyes and ears are not seeing or hearing correctly.
    This is no fault of mine, but rather that my eyes and ears are being re-tuned. I have been to the depths of hopelessness, yet each time I found out afterwards that hope and Love were indeed there with me all the time, standing by me and patiently waiting.

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