I’ll Fly With Wild Pelicans

In a marsh near where I live, wild white pelicans come to roost. Their visits are almost magical, and never predictable. They are there one day and gone the next. I happened upon them a couple weeks ago. When I went back to see them the next day, sure enough, they were gone. They always fill me with awe and longing. Here’s a picture of them and a poem I wrote while watching them.

I’ll Fly With Wild Pelicans
by Bay Sweetwater

I’ll fly with wild white pelicans o’er the sea
Til my love rides the falling leaves to me.
O amber tree, lay down your blanket gold
So my love sleeping there won’t feel the cold.

The drumming of the rain on corrugated tin
Still echoes in the shed we sheltered in.
It’s empty now, except for squirrels and mice,
And emerald shadows fleeing from the sunrise.

O wandering leaves, come back; take me along.
Fly me to a summer far from autumn’s song.
Bygone pelicans, return; fly me away with you,
To southern skies, in shades of endless blue.

— September, 2010

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