Is the new Interesting Second Life viewer ignoring Macs?

The new Interesting Second Life viewer may be interesting, but not to many Mac users. It looks like the beta “Project Interesting” Second Life viewer  doesn’t function on most Mac computers. All I see on both my macs is a world with no clouds, awful water, and not much in terms of landscape. It appears shaders just aren’t working. Has anyone been able to have a good viewer experience running the Interesting beta on a mac yet? If so, please let me know in Comments. I’d love to hear.

Both my macs are relatively new. But just this morning Jo Yardley reports “Unfortunately the new viewer doesn’t work for macbooks with old operating systems like mine.

So it appears the problem is with new and old macs. Macs have always been stepchildren in Second Life, although lately I have been able to run both Linden and Firestorm viewers  well enough. Firestorm crashes quite often on my 2013 iMac, but I keep hoping I’ll be able to troubleshoot it.

Interesting viewer Is Very UN-interesting So Far on Macs

The Interesting viewer, however, looks terrible on both of my macs: a 2012 MacBook Air running Lion OS, and a 2013 iMac running Mountain Lion. The new Second Life viewer runs, but I don’t get much: no clouds, water, or much detail in terms of landscape. It appears shaders just aren’t working. And then this morning Jo Yardley reports “Unfortunately the new viewer doesn’t work for macbooks with old operating systems like mine.”

If anyone has a mac and can run Project Interesting with good results, will you let me know in Comments here? Please give your Mac model and operating system? I’d love to know.

The Grim View Mac-side

Here’s the grim view Mac-side using Project Interesting viewer on my 2013 iMac, NVIDIA 680 GPU, Mountain Lion OS. I am filing a Bug Report with Linden, and will update here if I have any results.

Proj Interesting


 Background on Project Interesting

It’s a new Second Life viewer that rezzes what is “interesting” first. It’s called prioritized object loading.” The idea is that the viewer will now prioritize object loading to rezz what is “interesting” to your avatar first. So, for example, if you’re visiting a big castle, you won’t run into those non-rezzed doors anymore. They’ll rezz first because they’re important to your avatar’s experience. See Torley’s video about Project Interesting  here.

You can get the beta of the new viewer on theSL Wiki  (Viewer version is called Project Interesting, and it’s the  finishing touch on Project Shining, which launched a couple months ago.


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  1. Fred Beckhusen's Gravatar

    Posted by Fred Beckhusen on 17.11.13 at 9:28 am

    There is a text file in your SecondLife folder named gpu_tables. Edit it, and search for this:

    NVIDIA GTX 68x .*NVIDIA .*GTX 68.* 5 1 1 4.3

    The above means it it matches the wildcard pattern *GTX* 68*, run advanced move, and use OpenGL 4.3. The older viewers use only 4.2.

    Change the 4.3 to 4.2 and I bet it will work. That should be the difference that is triggering your fallback to non advanced video. I have to do this with my Alienware on all SL viewers, including the Project Interesting one, with a more modern gpu_tables located at to get my Nvidia 770M card to work. This table was given to me from filing a Jira. The Table looks like it will continue to break older Macs when it eventually gets release.

  2. Josain Zsun's Gravatar

    Posted by Josain Zsun on 17.11.13 at 9:28 am

    I would be interested in this.

    I have a 2009 iMac running 10.6 and SL client 3.6.10.

    It freezes 5-15 seconds several times a minute. I noticed it started before OSX 10.6 back about 3.6.4.

    Someone told me I couldn’t be in SL if I lack the SecondLife folder in ~Library/Application Support/SecondLife

    I’ve gone back two & 1/2 years in backups and there is no ~Library/Application Support/SecondLife.

  3. DevinVaughn's Gravatar

    Posted by DevinVaughn on 17.11.13 at 9:28 am

    Hello. I just tried the Interesting project viewer. I am running the newest OS Maverick. I have the same errors as you do. No shaders at all. And fonts pixelated. Otherwise, viewer is very fast.

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