Liberty’s Child, my new video, is back up

My new video Liberty’s Child explores the bewilderment that innocence experiences when encountering brutality and violence. The video contains graphic images that are not suitable for young children.There is an irony in using a children’s story to illustrate a video that isn’t suitable for children, but children live with us in our horrific times and see things that shouldn’t have to see all the time. This contradiction is the heart of this video. And I think we are all the child in this video, who cannot begin to understand the horror before our eyes.

Hubert Flattinger, the author of the brilliant and touching children’s story Stormy Night featured in this video, closed his letter granting permission for use with the words “Give Peace a Chance!”  This struck me as a poignant reminder of the goodness that exists alongside brutality in our modern world. Also, I am continually amazed and heartened by the increasing willingness of artists like Mr. Flattinger to share their work freely beyond the constraints of copyright.

The shocking incident that opens this video jumped out at me so strongly as I sifted through the footage of the Egyptian revolution in the AlJazeera Creative Commons repository that I was compelled to make this video to give it a wider audience. Two protesters appear to be directly struck (or shot?) by a security force van during demonstrations on 6th October Bridge in Cairo, then the van backs up, possibly over one of them again. It then appears that the van drives to the hospital, which is in flames, and the van drives away into the darkness. I tried to verify this incident but could not and so have no confirmation of what actually happened. I guess we’ll have to trust our eyes.

The video features Loveshadow’s new tune, Liberty Road. Don’t miss it; he’s at his best.

Music: “Liberty Road” by Loveshadow, CC BY NC license,
Children’s story “Stormy Night” used by kind permission of the author Hubert Flattinger, illustrated by Nathalie Duroussy.
Cairo street scenes from AlJazeera Creative Commons respository

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