My SL Pet Saddenings

This is a response to Strawberry Singh’s My SL Pet Peeves meme challenge – for SL bloggers to write about what bothers them the most about our second world. Since I’m feeling sad on this foggy cold Saturday morning, my contribution is more about what saddens me in SL than what peeves me. But perhaps they’re pretty much the same.

  1. Avatars who try to make themselves resemble their RL counterparts. The current trend is to put a picture of your atomic self next to your avatar, and the more they look like each other, the better. I’ve never understood why anyone would create a whole new world and then try to assimilate their Old World into it. It seems like such a waste of imagination.
  2. When something big goes wrong in RL, you leave Second Life. I am always so sad when I hear this. Someone gets seriously sick, or a divorce, or loses a job. Second Life is so often the first thing to go. I’m so much the opposite, that I’ve never understood this. It’s as if SL is somehow less than RL, or a luxury item that must be discarded in tight times.
  3. Avatars who bash Second Life. So many avatars talk as if everything Linden Lab does is wrong, how it doesn’t have a clue, how it doesn’t listen to residents, how it loses at everything it does. Only because you look at it that way. Look at the big amazing world that we live in. Residents create it, but Linden Lab keeps it afloat, at least for now. I’ve written Linden Lab one or two love letters to let them know otherwise. I never get any answers, but I can hope … someday.
  4. Deep, Dark, Mysterious machinima. I wrote tongue-in-cheek awhile ago about machinima’s new DDM standard – Deep, Dark, and Mysterious: how SL machinima has to represent at least one of these qualities, and preferably all three, to get any attention. But today – this very morning! – my heart was lightened by a machinima by Pallina Loon the doesn’t have any of these qualities and is brilliant. I jumped for joy to see it.
  5. Partners. Well, this one is probably controversial. But people who come into SL just to see one person always sadden me. There is so much incredible something in every person that to reserve it all for only one other always saddens me.

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  1. Strawberry Singh's Gravatar

    Posted by Strawberry Singh on 06.04.13 at 2:47 pm

    A few of these things sadden me as well. I hope you’re not still feeling sad and today is a brighter day for you. Thank you for participating. <3

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