My star gets a little bling

Yobee, the robot co-star of my latest machinima Pieces of Your Heart and its outtakes spinoff Broken Pieces, won his very first prize today. He is so excited. He attended the “Sci-Fi in July” screening last weekend sponsored by machinima and media company AviewTV. Despite his shyness and avoidance of the paparazzi (read about it here),  he entered the CosPlay (costume) competition. To his astonishment, he was informed today that he won the 3rd place prize – among all those creative machinima makers and amazing costumes! Here is the portrait that won him third place.

He asked me to accept his award for him, as he is shy and, being a robot, not very good in English. He was also afraid they would ask him to talk in voice, and his voice is … well if you’ve heard it in my machinima, you know … umm, I’m trying to be kind here … it’s sort of like a machine that needs to be oiled. Anyway, Yobee was over the moon with his win and very excited to see his one-of-a-kind trophy, made by Doe Silverspar, when I brought it home.

He wanted to hear all about the ceremony with Ginette Pinazzo, the Marketing/PR Director for AviewTV. I told him what a wonderful M-C she was, how she put me right at ease. He especially wanted to hear about her up-to-the minute fashion. Yobee is a closet clothes horse and yearns for a fashionable wardrobe. I showed him this picture of Ginette and me. He studied it for awhile, then said sadly, “She’s so bright and shiny. Do you suppose you could make me shine like that? I feel so rusty.” I assured him I would, though I have no idea how.

When I took Yobee’s trophy out to give it to him, Misfit, my cat, intervened. Being a very sensitive creature, Misfit knew he was being left out of something. He inspected the trophy thoroughly and, after finally deciding it posed no threat to his monarchy, he trotted off. (Trophy by Doe Silverspar)

Yobee has been trying to wear his trophy ever since. I’ve tried explaining that a trophy is meant for displaying, not wearing, but he’s not taking it off. It’s his first bling — the only shiny thing he’s ever had.

P.S. Many people who have watched the machinima ask about Yobee. “Where did he come from?” they want to know. “Is he a character in popular culture?” One online comment says: “I feel like I know him, but I can’t place him.” No, Yobee is not a hero of popular culture … yet. Yobee is a mashup. The Yobee base avatar comes from Dirty Lynx. I modded Yobee to give him that expressive face, using eyes and emotion hud from the Rusty Tread avatar built by Ryan Snook and distributed through Grendel’s Children. Yobee’s body is also from the Tread avatar, and his nose comes from the Linden Camry robot #3 head. Finally, Yobee’s baseball cap is the ColorChange Cap from KidSLife. Did I say finally? I almost forgot: the jar of dreams on his back is the Firefly Carry Jar made by Dom Petrovic and sold by Dodie.

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    Posted by Ginette Pinazzo on 01.08.12 at 12:20 pm

    I love Yobee!

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