No trial for Asmaa – yet

Lots of confusion this morning, as several generally credible news sources splashed across the Internet the news that Asmaa Mahfouz had been referred for military prosecution, following her questioning by the military prosecutor Sunday.

The news turned out to be false–so far–and was denied by Asmaa herself in a tweet: I contacted the military prosecution and they denied the news,” Asmaa tweeted. She added later that she had not received any notification of a court referral.

Asmaa’s tweet ran counter to reports of a military trial spurred by an early morning post on Ahram Online. The report was quickly corrected in a tweet by Asmaa – who called the prosecutor herself! – and an hour later in a post in The Daily News Egypt and an apology on the We Are All Khaled Said facebook page: I apologise for the previous post. Asmaa has denied that she has been taken to a military trial.

This episode is also a good reminder that in our lightning-fast world, first reports are not always correct, and twitter allows the source herself  to confirm or deny seconds later.

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