How About a Flying Warlock Drone for Halloween?

How would you like to fly a warlock drone through the skies on Halloween? Of course you would.

Otto Dieffenbach of Flyguy Promotions has one for you. He promises cutouts, but right now the site is so popular you can’t get through.

While you’re waiting, maybe you want to watch his drone of Jimmie Kimmel fly over Las Vegas.

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A Machinima that Makes Me Wish I Knew Polish

Believe it or not, here is a lovely machinima video enactment of the fairytale Hansel and Gretel – in Second Life! I don’t understand a word of it since it is in Polish, but I still watched all 11 minutes, 54 seconds of it. I know nothing of its maker, Borysjestem on YouTube.

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How to Export Videos from iPhoto

A quick tutorial on how to export videos from iPhoto:

1. Open iPhoto and click on the event in which your video appears.

2. Select/highlight the video you want to export, in the Event Browser.

3. Select File, Export

4. In the Export window that popus up, set “Kind” to Original

5. Select Export in the lower right of the Export window

6. Choose the location on your hard or external drive where you want your video to go.

7. Your video will be exported as an “avi” file.

Birthday Songs, Deep Thoughts, and Free Cake from Linden Lab

Did you know you can get your own Second Life rezz day cake for free from Shopkeeper Linden on the marketplace? It will even have the right number of years you’re celebrating written on it in frosting!

Birthday Cake

My 5th rez day in Second Life passed me like a fast train this week making me think deep thoughts about time. I listened to David Bowie sing Five Years and was so glad the apocalypse hadn’t come in real life, or Second Life either.

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Playing Second Life on the iPad

The #1-coolest thing about playing Second Life on my iPad using remote access technology is that the touch interface works inworld. You can move your avatar around and do most actions just by touching and swiping the iPad screen. I’ve spent the past couple weeks playing with SL iPad-style, via the remote access app Splashtop, and I have to say it’s fun.

Here’s a video I made filming Second Life on an iPad 4, accessed from my iMac, using a digital camera to capture the iPad screen. See my avatar walk, run, dance, fly, tp, sit, take snaps, change clothes, use AOs – not to mention hug and kiss! -all on an iPad 4, just by tapping and swiping the screen (and typing IMs on an external keyboard).

How It Works

Let’s be clear upfront: This is not a Second Life app running on the iPad. Second Life currently does not run directly on the iPad. This is Second Life being accessed on the iPad remotely from a computer (in my case, an iMac), using the remote access mobile app Splashtop. This is a productivity app designed to let you access anything on your computer from your mobile device – so you can be, say, out on the patio with your iPad, and access any document, photo, video, or software on your tablet, via your wireless network.

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A Virtual Walk Through Autumn Leaves

If you’re looking for a virtual walk through autumn leaves, this is the spot. Autumn color, deer in the meadow, and open seas. Calas Galadhon Park is back! Calas is a gorgeous collection of 11 sims of natural beauty in the virtual world of Second Life built and maintained by Ty Tenk and Truck Meredith. /me waves hello and welcome back!

The thing I like best about Calas is that you can get lost in it. It’s that big. I wondered all over the woods looking for a new cabin that was supposed to be in Dimril Dale. I never found it, but I got lost over and over again in a beautiful autumn woods.

Autumn in the woods

Calas closed during the month of August for an economic consolidation. They considered reopening with a members-only policy, but decided against it. For now, the 11 beautiful sims are still open to anyone, free of charge.

The Changes

There are 11 sims (down from 13) in the park with major reworking of Dimril Dale and Grey Havens. There is a whale on Grey Havens that you and three friends can ride. There are two dolphins on Belagaer that you can ride, and riding turtles. New cabin on Dimril Dale- you have to walk through the woods to get to it. Also a new riverboat on Gulf of Lune. And new art exhibitions on Main Street.

A Cloud on the Horizon?

Only one cloud floats on the horizon – a hint in the park’s website notice suggesting the economic challenge may only be resolved through the end of the year. Hopefully, donations and other sim support can keep the park open beyond this somewhat uncertain prediction:

“Unless something unplanned comes up we should now be able to make it through the Holiday season and the end of the year.”

Scuffling Through Autumn Leaves

When the park reopened Saturday, I hurried over to visit. I love walking in the autumn woods, through falling leaves and rustling woods, and Misty Mountains is one of my favorite places. There are deer and horses and lovely crunchy leaves to scuffle through. After a rest and a cup of chai, I rezzed a sailboat and headed out on the colorful autumn sea.

Not Familiar with Calas?

For anyone not familiar with Calas, here’s how they describe themselves:

A country setting with a small town, meadows, farms, streams…one that would reflect another early American country coastal community of the early 1900s.  Whether by foot, horse, buggy, balloon or boat, we hope our visitors will find a certain sense of peace here…a bit of the  comfort we all yearn for and need…where one feels a bit  better than when they arrived. We strive to make CALAS a park where one can come, reflect and explore on their own or with friends, but we’ve also made it a place where couples can come, cuddle, dance and just spend some quiet time with each other.



All Dressed up – for Love Donna Flora

Sometimes you get all dressed up, with nowhere to go. I’m just coming back from a walk around the lake, with the owls hooting and the waves lapping up against my houseboat. It’s early, but I’m heading in for a cup of tea and an early night. But before I go, let me tell you about this dress. It’s made by Carrie Snowpaws – isn’t it beautiful? But it’s real beauty is that it will help a much-loved Second Life designer who is battling cancer.

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Summer, a houseboat, and a new story

It’s summer, and I’ve got my houseboat at last. I’ve been wanting it for so long. Go to sleep rocking on the pond’s waves, hearing the swans settle in for the night, and watching the koi fish dreaming. There’s a story brewing inside me here. It’s got something to do with a woman, a windswept beach where seagulls cry and long grasses grow, and a man is looking for a lost sailboat. Haven’t got much further than that … but it’ll come. When it does, you’ll find it here. Soon. Continue Reading “Summer, a houseboat, and a new story”

Castle in the Sand, a machinima for summer

My new machinima is Castle in the Sand. It’s a love story —  with a sand castle, waves crashing on the beach, a raging storm, poetry, romantic music… your basic summer flick. 🙂

This is my entry in the University of Western Australia MachinimUWA VI short animated film competition, with the theme “Reflections.” Continue Reading “Castle in the Sand, a machinima for summer”

Singin’ in the Bay…coming to a theater near you!

This is my response to Strawberry Singh’s challenge to make a movie poster starring your Second Life avatar. Bay has been in quite a few machinima, but you may remember her best from her big screen role in Singin’ in the Bay. Thanks, Berry! I fell in the water far too many times during the shoot, but it was worth it. Continue Reading “Singin’ in the Bay…coming to a theater near you!”