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UPDATE: Here’s where you can get your very own Santa Sleigh & Reincows at Phaze.

A sad story with a silver lining during the Second Life holidays this year: Phaze Demesnes sim is closing down  at the end of the year. The silver lining is that its creators, Fred Beckhusen (Ferd Frederix) and Debbie Edwards (Wavingirlsav Voom) are giving away all their creations free at Phaze inworld in Second Life through the end of the year.

That includes all their amazing flocks of low-lag birds, the owl that hunts rabbits; untold numbers of dragons, horses, and unicorns; the unusual avatars like goats, elephants, and a tiny dragon; and all the geeky toys like the Einstein Eye that watches avatars; not to mention the masterwork, the Universal Translator that works in SL in any language; and best of all this time of year: a rideable, driveable Santa Sleigh with 8 tiny … umm … cows!

Also: pick up hundreds (literally) of Fred’s clever Best Tools and LSL Scripts off his website. Fred says the website will stay up, but it will have a focus beyond Second Life in the New Year.


Fred made the incredibly generous freebie offer in his Facebook and Google Plus posts announcing the sim closure:  “In 10 days all Phaze freebies are gone forever. So get your free mesh horse while you still can. Works in any sim, even no-script sims. Two years in the making. Lots and lots of skins, saddle, and armor patterns, a working lance, footprints, dust trails and most importantly, Unicorns!”

Phaze has been in Second Life for 5 years and was featured in the Destination Guide with this description: Phaze is a magic land of water, dragons, fairies, demons, unicorns and robots. Follow the paths that lead to dozens of quiet, romantic spots in a colorful and relaxing landscape. Find the dragons to ride and the demons to fight in the arena. Chat with the animated talking trees, statues and paintings.”


Ferd and Wavy are taking their generosity, humor, and creativity into their own grid Outworldz, an opensim, at the end of the year. I tried going there but the OS grid appeared to be offline. You can contact Fred and Debbie through their website for directions how to get there. I sure plan to. You can also keep up on Phase Demesnes’ future on its Google Plus page. as well as @Ferd_Frederix on Twitter, Fred Beckhusen on Facebook, and Fred Beckhusen on YouTube.

Ferd and Wavy have always given away most of their creations for free at Phaze. Why? He explains on his website: “Come visit Phaze Demesnes (pronounced di-MANE/ or /dih-MEEN/, meaning a Lord’s region), where everything we do is free. Why free? Because we can, and I want you to enjoy the neat things I have learned from so many other helpful people. I hope you pass them on to others, too. You can Teleport to Phaze Demesnes and grab all the goodies. They are in houses and signs all over our islands and under the sea.”

I started making my own list of all the items I have picked up at Phaze over the years, but I gave up after the first 50 or so. Here’s the beginning of my list: Goat Avatar, Elephant Baby, Tandy the Fairy, Fairy Follower, Monkey Avatar, Tiger Rider, Mesh Lizard Avatar, Giraffe Avatar, TRex Avatar, Velociraptor Rider, Elephant Rider, Mars Attacks Avatar, HumpbackWhale and Blue Whale, Itsy Bitsy Dragon, Hoppy Frog, Enstein Eye, Gronckle Flier, Fat Dragon Flier, Bluebell Flower Pack, Butterflies, Elven Transport Doors, Rideable Horsie, Squirrel, Rideable Cow, Shark Flier, Snow Tree, Mermaid wanderer, Butterflies, Nightmare Flyer, Terrible Terror Flier, Fury Flier, Unicorns, Elven World, Universal Translator.

For me, Phaze is a dream come true. It is more than just a sim. It’s a whole world unto itself,  and one that quite possibly saved my life. I was going through a rough patch in my life when I discovered Phaze years ago. Again and again, I would go there, and every time I went, I would find something new that would make me smile. I still do. There are amazing amounts of dragons to fight and demons to overcome, unicorns to ride, places to sit, birds and all kinds of creatures to fly, and even a Crying Spot where you can go and sob your heart out. I think I’ll go there now.

Phaze is a love story come to life. Fred tells the story beautifully on his website. He tells how he got up the nerve to go up and say “hello” to Wavy and then: “The best words I ever saw appeared! ‘Wavinggirlsav Voom is typing…’ ”  And then he says: “We see the clock at 3 AM, and realize we are just standing or sitting somewhere, oblivious to everything but each other.” Awww … and the whole sim reflects this love and humor and gratitude. He says Phaze was made beautiful out of their love: “She does all the pretty things. I move the dirt and twist some prims and script it so she is happy. And that makes me happy.” He even made a Book of Magic for her birthday, full of Phaze photos and memorabilia.

I will miss Phaze more than I can possibly say here. I can’t believe all the creatures and humor and love will be gone in a week. Ferd and Wavy, I have never met you, but if there is anything any of us in SL can do to keep you here, please do let me know. I understand that SL is very restrictive, and more open worlds beckon, but I just can’t stand that there won’t be a Phaze anymore.

But since that appears to be the case, do go and pick up your amazing stash of Christmas goodies. A warning: You might: get attacked by dragons, see lovely flocks of birds, have a statue talk to you, visit a Fairy House, take winged tours through the air and under the sea, dream hours away on a mushroom or a swan boat, ride a dragon to a tournament fighting demons… and the list never ends.

Until the end of this year.


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  1. Ferd Frederix's Gravatar

    Posted by Ferd Frederix on 20.12.14 at 6:40 pm

    Thanks you very much for the kind words and memories.

    Debbie and I have treasured every minute of the 8 years we have been in Second Life and the 7 years of playing in Phaze Demesnes (I miscalculated the age, wtime sure flies!) We will still drop in on occasion to test out some new critter for compatibility. Hope to see you then!.

    Fred and Debbie

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