Playing online games with copyright is not a good idea

Online games are not immune from copyright infringement claims. Zynga just laid off 100 and discontinued The Ville, mostly because of a copyright suit from EA.
Take warning, machinimists … copyright infringement is serious and expensive stuff.

When The Ville came out in June, everybody thought it looked shockingly like Sims Social, but Zynga went ahead anyway. Now they’re head-to-head with EA and a whole gaggle of lawyers.

Zynga said it’s now hard at work developing “high-engagement games” like Zynga Poker, for real-world money. It also announced a partnership yesterday with the online gaming company

I once took an experimental online class through Harvard where the professor Charlie Nesson talked about poker as a “way of thinking liberally and seeing what the world looks like from another person’s point of view.” We were encouraged to play Texas Hold “Em to get the idea. It was controversial then, and it’s controversial now. But it does get interesting … and funny. I’m still laughing about Stephen Colbert’s interview with Nesson about online poker.

I can hardly wait to see Zynga’s sell on its venture into online gambling.



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