“Boobies first, Clothes last”: Humorous suggestions for Project Interesting rezzing order in Second Life

There’s a new Second Life viewer that rezzes what is “interesting” first. It’s called prioritized object loading.” But this leads to the interesting question of what  is interesting? Of course, residents in the  Second Life Forum have had a good time making humorous suggestions. Spoiler alert: Boobies first, clothes last.

You can get the beta of the new viewer on theSL Wiki  (Viewer version is called Project Interesting, and it’s the  finishing touch on Project Shining, which launched a couple months ago.

The idea is that the viewer will now prioritize object loading to rezz what is “interesting” to your avatar first. So, for example, if you’re visiting a big castle, you won’t run into those non-rezzed doors anymore. They’ll rezz first because they’re important to your avatar’s experience. See Torley’s video about Project Interesting  here.

The idea is actually a good one, and I’ll put an update here just as soon as I try out the new viewer.

Proj Interesting


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