Christmas music playlist – you won’t hear these at the mall

Christmas music playlistMy Christmas Music playlist for 2012 is up! Look for the snowman playing the guitar on the right side of the landing page of this blog. All the tunes are from the music-sharing site, They’re downloadable and licensed for free use in non-commercial work. Just click the play arrow for each tune to listen. Or to download, click the arrow to the far right of the tune’s listing; it’ll take you to the download page at ccmixter.

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Liberty’s Child, my new video, is back up

My new video Liberty’s Child explores the bewilderment that innocence experiences when encountering brutality and violence. The video contains graphic images that are not suitable for young children.There is an irony in using a children’s story to illustrate a video that isn’t suitable for children, but children live with us in our horrific times and see things that shouldn’t have to see all the time. This contradiction is the heart of this video. And I think we are all the child in this video, who cannot begin to understand the horror before our eyes.

Hubert Flattinger, the author of the brilliant and touching children’s story Stormy Night featured in this video, closed his letter granting permission for use with the words “Give Peace a Chance!”  This struck me as a poignant reminder of the goodness that exists alongside brutality in our modern world. Also, I am continually amazed and heartened by the increasing willingness of artists like Mr. Flattinger to share their work freely beyond the constraints of copyright.

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Twinkle’s Journey soundtrack released

In the recent outpouring of interest in my Twinkle’s Journey machinima, I received many questions about where the music came and how people could download it for themselves. In response, I have posted a media player on this blog that plays the two main songs from Twinkle’s Journey:  Emelia Sleeps (Loveshadow) and Welcome Home (Anchor Mejans), with arrow buttons for download. Look to the right of this post in the sidebar, just below my CC Faves playlist.

Both of these wonderful tunes are from the music sharing site, and are available for free download and remix. They both have CC BY NC Creative Commons licenses, allowing reuse and remix, with attribution, in noncommercial works.

If you press the small arrow to the right of each tune, you will be taken to the page on the ccmixter site where you can download the tune. Or just use the clickable links in the first paragraph of this blog post.

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Why Twinkle’s Journey Mustn’t Be About Me

Twinkle’s Journey was my gift to everyone, a guided journey through a new way of dealing with the inevitability of loss in all its forms, using the developing art of personal machinima as the medium. In all the recent swirl around Twinkle’s Journey, this gift of a personal journey is lying unopened on many tables.

There are so many ways to lose a child, and we all are touched by at least one of them during our lives, from the extreme of a child who dies, to one who is taken away, or who grows up, or who grows apart from you, one who never had the chance to be born, or one who simply goes to sleep at night.

Twinkle’s message is that inside all these losses, if you look, you will find that person―not lost to you at all, but very much alive and present in your heart and in all the memories, things, joys, and dreams you shared. Your heart was, and will always be, that person’s real home. A heart in this sense is not a poetic metaphor. It is a real place you can build and build upon.

If you look at Twinkle’s Journey and think, “This is about Bay dealing with her sadness,” or Loveshadow dealing with his loss, you are looking at this video from the outside. You are a spectator. But this isn’t about me. This is about you. My art comes from my own personal experience, but it isn’t about me. Among the incredible flood of people who have written and commented on Twinkle, only a few have found a way to engage personally with it, and one wrote especially elegantly about his own journey here.

Twinkle’s Journey is a safe space. I made it just for you. Come visit, come stay, come live here even. You don’t need to be afraid here. You can explore your own loss, whatever it is and whenever it may come, without feeling the need to distance yourself. This machinima speaks directly to you. That’s why this machinima musn’t be about me.

Welcome Home.

(click link to listen)

Inside Fukushima through the eyes of a robot

My new machinima goes inside Fukushima through the eyes of the robot who went into the reactor when human beings could not. My entry in Linden Endowment of the Arts June Month of Machinima event.

Creative Commons Dance Video, Second Life machinima

Here’s my latest. Dancing shoes required!

Twinkle’s Journey

My machinima entry for MachinimUWA III is finally done and entered. Wipes forehead in relief. What a heartrending ordeal.