Summer’s Heart Lives in the Sunflower Patch

Summer’s Heart Lives in the Sunflower Patch
By Bay Sweetwater

Summer’s heart lives in the sunflower patch
Who hang about in my backyard and giggle
Like clusters of teenage girls crowding
Up against the fence, peeking over the top
For a split second, then ducking down
Hands over their mouths, stifling shrieks of laughter
As the boys go by on the other side.

Hold Dear the Amaranthine Dream

When I went out to my garden this October morning, there was only one rose left. It seemed anxious and afraid to be suddenly on its own, and cold. It also seemed to be asking a desperate question.
And so this poem. It uses the random “challenge words” that we writers at the Bardic Circle in Second Life choose at the end of each of our weekly gatherings. This week he words were: “Beyond, Amaranthine, Sunbeam, Whisper, Fragile”

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Last Words of the King of Summer

King of Summer sunflower with crownThis is the poem that won me the honor of the 2012 Poet Laureate title in the Elf Circle group in the virtual world of Second Life. Every year the 1,900 members choose their Poet Laureate by voting their favorite poems in a Bardic Competition, as in the days of old. This poem was inspired by a dying sunflower I saw bowing at the end of autumn to approaching winter.

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It’s summer, bring out the bikinis!

I love summer better than just about anything. Warm weather. Few clothes. Long days. Starry nights. Friends and beaches and road trips. Oh, and bikinis.

My favorite bikini this year is Summer Sidhe, by ColeMarie Soleil, available in the marketplace here. I paired it with the Orange Morpho Bodywrap by Chioca Latte, and one of my favorite airy summer skirts from Janzoe, part of the Gossamer Silk Dress. The tattoo is the Blue Moon Tattoo from Indigo Ink, and the leggings are part of Serina Juran’s Fire Fae pants from her shop, Stones of Heaven. The skin and makeup are both from Dr. Life, and the shape is Lisa from Insolence (somewhat modded by me). The hair is Fierce III from Tami McCoy’s shop, Hair by Tami.