The daunting sport of SL machinima

I was feeling so low all day (yes, even tears) at my little “Twinkle’s Journey” video not placing anywhere in the MachinimUWAIII machinima competition this year. (See results here, heartfelt congratulations to all the amazing winners and award recipients).

But then I came across my old friend Rheta Shan’s hilarious description of the process of machinima in SL from her archived blog. Suddenly I felt quite brave at even attempting the daunting task of SL machinima at all. Things have changed a little bit since this was written, but not much. lol

Rest in peace, Rheta, and thanks for making me laugh again.

Create some animations, upload, notice they are not quite right, re-edit them off-world, re-upload, try to synchronise them with all your actors, get a good frame, get rid of the damn transparencies overlapping in the background, wonder where your actor has gone (the joys of crashing), rejoice at them being back, shoot though you’re not satisfied because it is your window of opportunity (this region will be restarted)… then post process to lip sync, reframe, colorise, score. It merges the pains of RL movie making (getting props, locations, costumes, actors = animations, a crew, and the effort of post processing material outside the original workflow) with the effort of 3D creation. You’d probably be better off getting a HDV cam, or rendering from scratch in something decent, say, Maya or Lightwave. As to 3D creation, the in-world tools lack in so many respects I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and they have no interface whatsoever to off-world content creation tools beyond importing some building blocks (textures, which has gained a bit since sculpties). The physics model is a joke. The whole thing is OK to mod my jewellery, but anything else needs a dedication and enthusiasm entirely unrelated to the capabilities the software offers. Plus updates break things. All the time. Which is not to say I don’t have the uttermost respect for those who actually tackle the daunting task of creation.

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  1. jayjay's Gravatar

    Posted by jayjay on 22.05.11 at 9:58 pm

    Hey Bay, don’t feel down 🙂

    your work was wonderful, and had a lot of great comments during the Machinima review days. full audio is linked on the uwa website.

    it was truly truly hard not to give everyone something. some brilliant brilliant works including your missed out, and with so many talented artists and machinimatographers out there, thats always going to happen.

    chin up. smile. your work is wonderful

  2. jayjay's Gravatar

    Posted by jayjay on 22.05.11 at 9:58 pm

    PLUS… congrats on your viewer award, and there is an RL prize that goes with it too

  3. Bay Sweetwater's Gravatar

    Posted by Bay Sweetwater on 22.05.11 at 9:58 pm

    Awww, JayJay thanks so much for your kind words, and for all your effort in this remarkable competition.

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