Twinkle’s Journey soundtrack released

In the recent outpouring of interest in my Twinkle’s Journey machinima, I received many questions about where the music came and how people could download it for themselves. In response, I have posted a media player on this blog that plays the two main songs from Twinkle’s Journey:  Emelia Sleeps (Loveshadow) and Welcome Home (Anchor Mejans), with arrow buttons for download. Look to the right of this post in the sidebar, just below my CC Faves playlist.

Both of these wonderful tunes are from the music sharing site, and are available for free download and remix. They both have CC BY NC Creative Commons licenses, allowing reuse and remix, with attribution, in noncommercial works.

If you press the small arrow to the right of each tune, you will be taken to the page on the ccmixter site where you can download the tune. Or just use the clickable links in the first paragraph of this blog post.

The media player allows you either to click each song individually to listen, or to click one of the tunes and let the player cycle through both songs in a continuous loop.

In the making of Twinkle’s Journey, I always envisioned Emelia Sleeps as the video’s centerpiece. In fact, at one point I asked Loveshadow to record an additional piece of music for the video, and I told him: “Be careful not to overshadow Emelia Sleeps.” It is a very quiet song and could easily have been drowned out by other music. I purposely placed it among very quiet images and a long pause before the next piece of music because I wanted it to stand out. Judging by the standing ovation this little tune has had from everyone, it has the stark aloneness I wanted for it.

It was, however, Anchor Mejan’s  gladdening tune Welcome Home that swept out my heart and finally gave me the courage to go on Twinkle’s Journey.

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